How much would student achievement increase if students were on task 5, 10, or even 20 hours more each week?

Educators realize that we are losing precious instruction time to pesky low-level discipline challenges. We all must realize that academics and discipline go hand in hand. An educator can be the best content instructor on campus but without the ability to control the classroom, the best lessons will remain undelivered.

What could be accomplished if student discipline challenges decreased 70% or more?

If you want to increase student achievement, you must first put a system in place for discipline that empowers your teachers to improve behaviors of students in the classroom. You can provide your staff with world-class training on classroom management to help you achieve these goals.

Is teacher job satisfaction and less stress important to the success of your school system?

This training will help your staff gain back that lost teaching time with research based, proven strategies that minimize or eliminates 70 – 90% of low-level, chronic behaviors.

Is teacher turnover a concern?

Classroom management was rated as the most important variable to building and sustaining a high achieving classroom. Classroom management “or lack of” is also the number one reason why educators are leaving the profession. Our application based strategies and techniques provide your teachers with the support and tools they need for success.

Supports PBIS, RTI, PLC’s and other fine programs.

If you are an educator who: • Wants a program that significantly reduces classroom / school discipline problems by teaching self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem-solving skills, • Believes that good behavior is as important as academics in helping students be successful in work, in the community, and in relationships • Knows that non-punitive methods work best for long-range positive results with students-and who want a large toolbox of non-punitive methods • Wants classrooms where students demonstrate mutual respect. • Seeks to engage all students • Believes that all children can learn • Wants to inspire students of all learning styles and intelligences Are you an educator who wants to: • Increase student achievement, • Create positive classroom behavior, intervene effectively when students misbehave, • Develop a classroom climate and school culture based on: caring, clear limits, consistency and respect, • Motivate apathetic, reluctant learners, and potential dropouts • Build a foundation for the prevention of violence • Improve home, school, and community collaboration • Promote character education and the development of good citizenship Why Attend? In my seminars you will learn to: • Eliminate repeated warnings & multiple requests in a positive fashion • Teach the disrespectful to be respectful • Teach the unmotivated to be motivated • Teach the irresponsible to be responsible • Be proactive rather than reactive • Arrange any classroom for maximum achievement • Avoid power struggles • Capture student attention • Refocus™ the reluctant learner • Use a myriad of powerful prompting techniques • Spend quality time with ALL students in your classroom • Truly differentiate instruction • Create lesson plans that engage your learners


Our training is proven in proactive, research based, practical, and easy to implement strategies. We provide flexibility to best meet the needs unique to your campus. Participants will learn techniques to allow them to always be clear, concise, and consistent with students.

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Maintain a keen and calm mindset for classroom management

  • Nullify challenges swiftly, positively, and gracefully by learning to “read your room”.
  • Detect and correct classroom problems without interrupting instruction.
  • Learn to avoid accidentally agitating students by violating their personal space.
  • Appear confident yet comforting to your students.

Effectively arrange and design the classroom environment

  • Learn the “teaching power position” and understand where you should and should not be.
  • Position yourself in the classroom to eliminate student challenges.
  • Keep your students focused on classroom priorities.
  • Learn fifteen POWERFUL desk arrangements, from traditional to unorthodox.
  • Learn how to teach and enforce rules and procedures.
  • Transform “unsocialized” students into top classroom performers.
  • Teach students to behave appropriately in class and in social settings.

Zoom through your lesson plans & master standards like never before

  • Teach students to peacefully coexist in your classroom.
  • Teach students to make the best use of their time and listen attentively

Lunch Break  12:00 – 1:00 pm

1:00 – 3:30 pm

Firmly but fairly carry out disciplinary actions

  • Eliminate multiple warnings and repeated requests. Ask once and get what you want.
  • Prevent minor and major challenges from wasting important teaching time.
  • Teach every student with confidence and success.
  • Meet challenges head-on with respect, power, and poise.

Build and maintain strong student and teacher relationships

  • Connect with non-compliant students and prevent meltdowns.
  • Reach at-risk children and turn them into productive classroom members.
  • Energize apathetic students and have them work harder.
  • Reach every student, every day.

…and much more!

  • Skillfully face the out of control student: learn five immediate steps to regain classroom control.
  • Say goodbye to classroom management approaches that make more work for you, the teacher.
  • Be the boss. Earn respect. Command center stage.
  • Wipe out misbehavior. Increase positive behavior.

Never again waste valuable teaching time on matters of discipline!

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