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As promised, notes to parents #1

As promised, I am writing to attempt to bridge the gap between parents and the educators that teach your children. This article includes what I believe to be the first step in parents understanding what is going on in the school system today. It will take some time parents, but I assure you that it […]


Social media is not a new phenomena. I remember my first encounters back in the late nineties with Black Planet and Black Voices. I met some really interesting people and I made one good friend. After the new millenium there was a boom in social media sites (2002 – LinkedIn, 2004 – Facebook, 2006 – […]

Parents, let’s talk a bit first!

Hey parents (and others), I think that before I start exposing you to the things you may not understand about education, we should come to an understanding. At first, I thought about telling you the positives about the upcoming articles. Upon pondering the idea further, I decided to tell you what this series of articles […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand

In 1988 DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) released a song entitled: “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. This song was very popular with teens from a variety of backgrounds for many reasons. The most popular was that many teens agreed that their parents did not understand what they were going though as teens. […]

No Good Men? Why Not?

I am a middle-aged male and I have been hearing certain comments for most of my life. These comments have become the norm nowadays and have almost become standard with women. These comments say that there are no good men “out there” (where ever “out there” is). Women are constantly complaining about the quality of […]

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Let's get real people. If you fall down seven times, just get up seven times. No need to get up eight. You have to fall down again for that! #thesesayingsarekillingme #imamathematician ...

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