Parents, let’s talk a bit first!

Hey parents (and others), I think that before I start exposing you to the things you may not understand about education, we should come to an understanding. At first, I thought about telling you the positives about the upcoming articles. Upon pondering the idea further, I decided to tell you what this series of articles are not.
This series of articles are not meant to embarrass anyone. Although some of the situations may be real and/or apply to your situation, I am not calling you out. I am simply using real life situations to expose a point and create a learning experience.
This series of articles is not an indictment of poor parenting. I am not trying to call anyone a bad parent. I have heard many people say that parenting is an extremely important job but there is no manual for it. I totally agree. On the job training comes with trials and errors. In addition, being raised by great parents does not make you a great parent just like being raised by unskilled parents doesnt make you an unskilled parent. These articles are to offer modern procedures and an understanding of what is going on in your child’s school.
A lot of things have changed in our world. Although school still looks the same on the exterior, there are many operational changes. In fact, some things may be changing while this article is being written.
The goal is to catch you up so you can have a good relationship with the school and an improved relationship with your child or children. I hope you will join us for the ride!