Is your child having issues adjusting to school?

Many children have issues with school that are not academic.  It is possible that your child’s learning style is not being addressed or maybe they do not feel safe in the school building.  There are various ways to eliminate your issues or at least reduce them to level that can be healthier for your child.


Do you ever feel like you do not know your child anymore?

Children change.  That is what they are supposed to do, right?  They will not always change in front of you.  They have so many things going on in their lives and they make adjustments as they go.  However, there are ways to know your child better.  There are key assessments that can help you tune into your child’s personality, learning style and intelligence.


Is your child a bully or being bullied?

Bullying is a serious issue on both sides.  Many times the bully and the bullied have problems that go way past the actual event.  Bully has taken on many characteristics over the years and parents need to be informed of how to deal with this issue from both sides.


Is your child making the connection between theory and application?

Many students are not doing well in certain subjects because they lack the skills or experience to apply the lessons they have learned.  Learning to use a project based learning model at home will increase your child’s abilities without taking too much tome away from your daily life.

Parents are often left out of the educational process. I have developed seminars for parents that allow them to be more present and effective in their child’s matriculation through school. The parent toolbox is a collection of tools created to help fix the problems that plague many parents. These parent seminars educate parents on how they can get to know their child(ren) and help their child(ren) as they matriculate through school.  Educating parents and gaining their support is essential to the educational process.  When parents get more involved, the children will achieve the desired goals.


Tools include: Bullying Education and Prevention, Getting to Know Your Child, Project Based Learning at Home and many others.

If you have an active PTA and desire more involvement from your student’s parents, feel free to book a one or two day seminars. For more information on topics and/or booking please contact us by emailing with 3-4 dates that would work for you and the number of parents you expect.