I Think Therefore I Am?

In recent years I have heard a lot of talk about the power of suggestive thinking. I hear people exclaiming the power of the tongue and “speaking things into existence “or “speaking things into the universe”. I believe the individuals who use theses phrases feel that they can change their circumstances through the power of positive thinking. I am not sure where this talk originated and I am not yet willing to cast my vote on belief or disbelief. However, I do believe the mind is a very powerful tool that can be used to change perception and/or shed light on an otherwise dark situation.
Have you ever had a problem whose solution seemed to elude you? This problem stayed on your mind, (but you were positive it could be solved) and one day you looked at it differently or heard something from a friend and all of a sudden the solution was not only clear, but very simple. This is the power that I am speaking of. Your positivity didn’t solve the problem; it made you see the answer when it appeared!
Negative thinkers receive the same information that positive thinkers receive. They just don’t always recognize the gift.
Let’s imagine a child’s messy room. You walk into the room with the lights off and step on toys, bump into chairs and stumble over books. As this is occurring, I turn on the lights. Have I changed the condition of the room? The answer is both yes and no. I have changed the room from being a dark room to a light room however; I have not changed the fact that the room is a mess. The light allows me to navigate the mess with less of an issue even though the mess remains.
Positive thinking is a light that shines on our circumstances and allows us to see situations more clearly. When you have a positive outlook you can update the quote of the Descartes (the father of modern western philosophy) to “I think positively, therefore I am positive!
Keep it positive friends…and shine the light on life!

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