Invest In People To Invest In Yourselves!

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and I gave her some advice about a positive career move she could make.  This career move would solve many of the problems she had with her job and would keep her in her desired profession.  She seemed very impressed with my suggestion and promised to think about it.  She was also very thankful.  After our talk, she told me how much she appreciated my idea, I told her that I enjoy investing in people.  Then I said something that I had never thought of before.  I told her that investing in others could possibly help me because as I invest in them, they could become the missing piece to my success. WOW!  I felt like someone that was SUPER INTELLIGENT had “quantum leaped” into my body!  The thought floored me so much that I can’t even tell you what her reaction was.  The more I thought about it the more true it became.

I am sure that many (if not all of you) can agree that it is better to give than to receive.  Well this new thought process taught me that you MUST give to receive. Now, I cannot tell you that I expect to directly receive something for every kind act or idea I give to others.  But I can tell you that positivity is contagious and we all need each other.  I know that may sound a little cliche’, but its true. Especially for those of us who are aspiring entrepreneurs.  No one person can succeed on his/her own.  I do not care what story you may have heard about a man “pulling himself up by his own bootstraps”.  Believe me, someone helped him!

Just as important as investing in “human capital” is being thankful to those who invest in us.  We have got to let the people who inspire, support and encourage us know how we feel about them and what they have done for us.  They need encouragement too! You may be just the spark they need to continue in their present path.  I truly believe that there would be many more success stories if we could just adhere to these two principles.  Since I am an educator and we are taught to lead by example, I am gonna thank some of the people who are currently investing in me through motivation, encouragement, constructive criticism, etc.

THANK YOU: Marcella Watts, Anita Watts, Cornell Watts, Eva Forde, Denise Britton-Young, Dana Winston, Duane Harrison, Furman Fordham II, Michael Polite, Lashaune Stitt, Nalo Hamilton, Jamal Hamilton, Nina Hamilton, Gwen and William Brown, Lydia Henderson, Marla Hunter, My Tuesday night small group and Dr. Joanna Faulk.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list.  However, it is important to share your feelings of gratitude when you can.  Some people may never know how much you appreciate them!

See you in the next blog!!!!!