Relationships mean everything

Tonight I went to the Legacy Restaurant in Nashville to see Crystal P. (   Crystal is a very funny and clean young comedienne.  While I was seated at her table, I started to think about how I came to know her.  My good friend Jonathan Slocumb (comedian) had a Cuss Free Comedy series and asked me to advertise the Nashville show last April.  I did and Zannies was PACKED OUT!!!!  Crystal P. was on that show.  She and Marcus Harvey ( took the time to “kick it” with me after the show.  Now I was at one of Crystal’s shows! It started me thinking about how important relationships are in life.  Me and Crystal laughed and talked like old friends during our second meeting because both of us made the most out of our first meeting.  I have had the opportunity to meet may people at various events.  Some of them are singers, actors, comedians, producers, emcees and radio/tv personnel.  No matter what the job, I have established a relationship with them.  This has been a blessing!

Networking is not just about what people can do for you, it is mostly about relationships.  In fact today’s version of networking (social media) is ALL ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS!  I am so glad to have the relationships that I have been blessed to create with a vast array of individuals.  If you check my management site ( you will see great speakers, performers, producers and other professionals who are also my friends.  Please check them out!  I created a relationship with them and now they trust me with their careers and/or projects.  Relationships can turn into anything!


Create a relationship of some degree whenever you meet someone and watch it make a difference in your life!

Brian J. T. Watts

               Me and Crystal P.

My first blog ever!

I am not new to blogs, but I am new to writing them.  It seems that everyone and their mother is LITERALLY writing blogs.  I had no idea what they were about until I started to actually read the blogs of my friends (Denise Young and Cynthia Chea) a few months ago.

So… enough about my short history with blogs.  I want to start of my blog writing career introducing myself to you!  I am not sure if I am a writer or not.  You can be the judge of that.  I have 2 books “in the works” right now and I am hoping to publish them one day!  (Does that make me a writer?)  I am a high school mathematics teacher who teaches Honors Precalculus and AP Calculus AB.

In my  “older age” I am realizing that I am a dreamer!  I dreamed about doing so many things with my life when I was young.  The difference now is that I am actually doing the things I dream about! This website showcases many of my dreams and I believe that not only will I continue to acheive my dreams, but I will inspire others to reach for their dreams and develop new ones.  I am hoping that my blog will be something that you read and enjoy regularly.  I promise not to talk about myself in every blog! 🙂  I am actually only interested in a few things: educating youth, providing quality entertainment, public speaking and travelling.  I love to do all of these things with my beautiful wife: Marcella.

Before I end this “first blog”, I want to encourage those who have no idea what to do with their lives.  It does not matter what age, culture, race or religion, YOU CAN FIND YOURSELF with this next piece of advice;  Use everything!  Yes, thats it!  Use everything!  There are many parts of your personality that happen to be talents. The problem is that you do these things naturally and you do not think that anyone notices, but they do!  If you are great at giving advice and helping to repair relationships, look into counseling.  If you are a great story teller or speaker, get into public speaking.  If you are great at expressing you opinion and influencing others, become a columnist or a pundant.  Use every gift you have to make yourself the best you that you can be!

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See you soon!

Brian Watts